We at Bluebeq offer our services in connection with all fairs and events at in Sweden:
  • Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre (Svenska mässan) 
  • Elmia
  • Stockholmsmässan
  • Kistamässan
  • Åbymässan
  • Malmömässan
  • Skandinavian XPO
  • We also offer our service in connection with fair outside Sweden and have done it a several of time, From Oslo to Hamburg to Paris

We at Bluebeq offer:

  • Assembly and disassembly of assemblies
  • Development of concepts and we are building new booths
  • We help you how to work with social and digital media
  • Event staff, from SEK 299 per hour + VAT
  • Selling booth staff with documented sales experience, from SEK 349 per hour + VAT

We specialize in providing services to exhibitors at fairs, we contribute to increase profitability and benefits during participation. We have worked with about 50 customers during about 10 fairs. Our customers have exhibited everything from Stockholm Furniture & Light fair to Nordic Gardens and Formex.