Meet customers on their home area by organizing a roadshow. Roadshows are suitable for many companies and organizations, whether you are targeting companies, members or consumers.

Benefits of a roadshow

  • Meet exactly the right customers in the right place
  • Strengthen relationships and meet those who are unable to visit you at a trade fair, education or other event
  • Content and focus can shift between stops, from training to product info to quality customer calls to sales

A roadshow can be done on the player in different ways. Everything from renting to premises in the current locations and cities you visit to going around with large mobile showrooms, just you imagination will stop it.

Bluebeq service:

  • Idea and concept
  • Project management
  • Design and production of exhibition material
  • Planning of cities, towns and places visited
  • Invitation and participant administration
  • Event staff and transport during the roadshow
  • Evaluation process

Bluebeq always works with:

  • Green transport to the greatest extent possible
  • Involvement of digital and social media
  • Committed personal from the local area